Rainbow Rangers weekdays on Nick Jr.

From the director of Lion King and the writer of Frozen, meet 7 girls with 7 different superpowers who help save the Earth and its animals. Starring their unicorn, Floof, Rosie, Anna, Bonnie, Pepper, Mandy, Indigo and Lavender are Earth’s first responders. From saving a baby polar to cleaning up sludge in a stream, there’s no task too big or small. Join the Rainbow Rangers weekdays at 3p/2c only on Nick Jr.!

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Xenoblade 2 for Nintendo is out in time for Christmas!!!

I enjoyed woking with talented & fun Jimmy Livingstone from Blue Yonder on the exciting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 action role-playing video game. Developed by Monolith, published by Nintendo and directed by Tetsuya Takahashi and composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Xenoblade2 is part of the Xeno series, serving as a sequel to the first Xenoblade Chronicles, and is scheduled for a worldwide release on Friday ... The perfect stocking stuffer!!! 


Moshi Twilight Sleep App now out!!!

I had the pleasure of narrating this very sweet, calming, sleep app for Mind Candy. Luckily I didn't have my slippers and a pillow in the sound booth with me, otherwise I would've been sent off sleep myself.

Set in the enchanting World of Moshi, Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories are perfect for settling little monsters at bedtime. Get your kids comfy, turn down the lights, play a Sleep Story and leave them to drift off to sleep. Made for kids but loved by parents , Sleep Stories are a revolutionary new form of bedtime story.

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Moshi Twilight App.jpg

SPACE POP brings music and life to our Galaxy! Meet Athena & Juno!

Bought to you by Genius Brands International, Spacepop is not your average Princess!

The Wikia is about five exiled princesses of the Planets of the Pentangle becoming musicians of the band to defeat and overthrow the villainous Empress Geela who tries to take over the whole galaxy.

It's filled with adventure, beautiful flash animation, cool fashions, great music, friendship, beauty and awesome fun for the whole female (mobile-driven) world (tweens and teens ages 7-19).


Meet Juno And Athena

'Capture The Flag' (Paramount Pictures) is released in over 300 cinemas in the UK

I'm very excited to announce that 'Capture The Flag' animated film (Paramount Pictures) will be shown in over 300 cinemas in the UK.

I've been working for a while on this project and had the pleasure of recording numerous voices for the film, including the lead Amy Gonzalas. Directed by Enrique Gato, Produced by: Álvaro Augustín; Ignacio Fernández-Veiga; Jordi Gasull; Axel Kuschevatzky; Nicolás Matji; Edmon Roch (Ikiru Films). It was a super fun film to work on. Well done to all!!!

The new 'Danger Mouse' is aired on CBeebies!!

I'm excited to say my voice is featured on the new 'Danger Mouse' Theme Tune! And proud of my talented producer husband, Sanj Sen for composing all the amazing music for the entire series. The fast paced and super fun show is currently on CBeebies and stars Alexander Armstrong as Danger Mouse, Kevin Eldon as Penfold & Shauna MacDonald as Professor Squawkencluck.

Happy Halloween 2014

What fun! Playing 'Basil The Bat' for 'Poppycats' 'Halloween Woods' episode.

Based on the 'Poppy Cat' books, written originally by Lara Jones, this is an animated TV series called, the 'Extraordinary Adventures of Poppy Cat’.

Created by: Kate Boutilier and Eryk Casemiro. Produced by Coolabi Productions and BAFTA award winning King Rollo Films for Nick Jr, Disney Jr, PBS Kids Sprout & TVO Kids.

Moshi Monsters - The Movie

Recently I had the exciting opportunity of playing 'Poppet' in the Universal cinema release of: 'Moshi Monsters The Movie'. Based on the virtual world of Moshi Monsters, the big screen adventure takes you on a mission to help save the great Moshling Egg.

Created by Mind Candy and music written & arranged by my husband, Sanj Sen.(www.ropeysound.com)


Klondike-TV Mini series

Forgot to mention in January, I had the great opportunity to work with some brilliant voice artists when recording walla for the TV miniseries, 'Klondike'. Produced by Ridley Scott and based on Charlotte Gray's book "Gold Diggers: Striking It Rich in the Klondike," follows the challenges best friends Bill Haskell (Richard Madden) and Byron Epstein (Augustus Prew) face as they set out in the late 1890s to the Yukon Territory to try to strike it rich