Music & Singing

Singing has always been a passion for me and for most of my life it has also been a career. I’ve been a member of several bands throughout the years and worked as a session singer both in the USA and the UK. From here, I progressed to song writing and have co-written numerous Ad campaigns and my songs have been featured on a variety of hit US TV shows including promos for E! Entertainment, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Showtime, Virgin Holidays, Rolex, Chanel, Dairylea, Hugo Boss and Evian. I’ve also had the pleasure of writing many complete albums for numerous licensing companies, such as The Nerve.

Character Singing
Singing Showreel
Leech Pop Punk (Chicks With Hits)
Planets Pop
Ba Dee Dah Acappella (Chicks With Hits Productions)
Moshi Sleep – Read by Goldie Hawn and singing by Phillipa
Hashtag – Edgy Pop (Phillipa Alexander)
Rainy Day – Acoustic pop
Santa Claus Is Coming – Christmas Cover
Take On The World – Acoustic Pop (Phillipa Alexander)
The Unknown – Pure Pop
You’re My Diamond_Jazz

My Studio

I’m more than happy to travel to a studio of choice to record, however, I have the use of 2 fully equipped home studios to work from. With a Studiobricks isolation booth and use of either a Neumann U87, SounDeluxe U195 or AKG 414, the end results are faultless.