Voice Work

Born in the UK and raised in sunny Southern California, gives me the versatility to voice for both sides of the Atlantic. I can transform my voice into a wide range of animals, robots and various aged characters and enjoy finding new character voices all the time.

Bedtime Stories

(YouTube Series) Stories all written and read by Phillipa Alexander.

Baby Alive

(You Tube Series) – BerryBoo, Dottie Doolittle, Harper Hugs, LaLa Goo Goo,Snoozer, Tippy Tot, Sammie, Teo, Gigi & Lulu

Oddpaw Vet

(You Tube Series) – Nova, Kangeraff, Fleep, Elefrog, Putterfly, Squedghog, Hippomouse

Alan Wake II

(Video Game) – Various Characters

Rainbow Rangers

(You Tube Series) – Pepper Mints, Floor, Khalia

Tad The Lost Explorer and The Emerald Tablet

(Feature Film. Ikiru Films) Ann, Emilia, Mrs Wolfstrom

Blippi Wonders

(YouTube Series) Maggie, Barb


(YouTube Series) Melody

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

(Video Game) Ursula


(YouTube Series) Athena, Juno


(TV Series) Calley

Gummibar – The Gummy Bear Show

(TV Series) Gummy

Mirrors Edge

(Video Game) -Kate Connors

Thunderbirds Are Go

(TV Series) Ramirez

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

(TV Series) Angie, Amethyst, Granny & Rio

Capture The Flag

(Feature Film-Paramount Pictures) Amy Gonzalez, Samantha Golding, Tess

Moshi Monsters The Movie

(Film – Universal Pictures)

Tickety Toc

(TV Series) – Hopperoo and other additional characters

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

(Video Game) – Jean Greyerl

Gray Matter

(Video Game) Samantha Everett

Mama Mirabelles Home Movies

(TV Series) Karla and Max


(Video Game) Various Characters

My Studio

I’m more than happy to travel to a studio of choice to record, however, I have the use of 2 fully equipped home studios to work from. With a Studiobricks isolation booth and use of either a Neumann U87, SounDeluxe U195 or AKG 414, the end results are faultless.